Episode 5: Seizing the Means of Chocolate Production

In this Episode we get into a lot of complicated topics like, being born again, cooking a balanced Star Wars breakfast, our choice of demise at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and whether it’s better to be in a pretentious indie band, or make pretentious indie movies.

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Episode 4: The Return of Jafar

In this weeks episode of Feud Fight Zack B is out for the first question, but don't worry Zack-san picks up the slack. Next up the guys talk about which Disney characters they would most and least like to bro out with. Finally the gang discusses which K-9 you would trust your life and the lives of others with.

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Episode 3: Dog with a Gaslighting Campaign

This week the Feud Dudes discuss which Disney Channel show they would erase from history as well which geriatric superhero they would most want to care for, finally things are wrapped up with a discussion about controlling or communicating with the forces of nature.

I know I said I'd drop some links here, but honestly I forgot what they were so just google it I believe in you!

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Episode 2: All Hail the Thane of Dark Burger King

Riding the high of a great roll out week (thanks guys!) Zack, Zach and Payton discuss "The Mere Concept of Applebees" then spend a lot of time talking about what to get everyone's favorite baby who seemingly has everything! Then its onto a discussion about the future of Ronald McDonald land. Finally we throw it to the audience to tell us who they think won our final fued.

Here's some links you're gonna need if you wanna follow along at home (don't worry you'll know when to use them)

Rosie the Rascal's Teeth

Mac Tonight

Mc Nuggies

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Episode 1: Ascending to the Guy Head

Our first episode where we discuss who you'd rather have kill you, Mario or Sonic, the most and least attractive presidents, gaining citizenship to flavortown, and finally who you'd rather have defend you in a court of law Big the Cat or Waluigi?

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